from the Blog Expansion of BDK’s Capabilities

At BDK, we are always expanding our capabilities in order to maintain and improve our high reputation for quality services and adhesive components.

We always strive to be the best we can be and be the number one choice for manufacturing and supplying products to a variety of industries. Therefore, we have recently extended our capabilities to include RF welding and primary and secondary packaging.

Our New Capabilities

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Radio Frequency (RF) welding has been used for nearly 50 years but is a new capability for BDK. We have chosen this technology because of the strength of the weld, which means that we are able to achieve a high quality bond every time. Also, as it requires no other by-products, so we are able to save production time, consequently improving our efficiency.

Our other capability that we have introduced is primary and secondary packaging. Primary packaging is the material that holds together the individual products and secondary packaging is the container that they are transported in. In a world full of online shopping and international trading, packaging is hugely important for a variety of reasons.

Utility is one of the main attributes of both primary and secondary packaging, as the role that it plays is to protect and preserve the products inside; if the packaging can be easily defected, this could affect the quality of your product. As well as this, secondary packaging can be a great way to send out your brand message to consumers. You have the option of placing your logo, slogan and other important information that distinguishes your brand from your competitors on the front, so this is the first thing that customers can see.

We are committed to every one of our clients and providing excellent quality and service – this is why we are always motivated to introduce new processes and procedures. Contact us today for more information and what we can do for you.