from the Blog Adhesive Tapes for Speciality Vehicles

Why Are Tapes Used For Speciality Vehicle Production?

Traditionally; nuts, bolts, screws and other mechanical fastenings have always been seen as the most reliable joining methods for vehicle production – until now. Adhesive tapes can now be seen as a superior alternative, providing unique advantages, whilst still matching the strength and durability of traditional methods.

Adhesive automotive tape has become a significant part in the manufacturing process, providing solutions for many applications, such as: interior mounting, wire harnessing, mirror assembling and surface protection. Some of the benefits of these tapes include:


If you compare the weight of bolting and fastening products to tapes, there is a considerable difference which will consequently impact the overall weight of the vehicle.

Fast & Efficient

By using automotive adhesive tapes, you will eliminate the use of traditional operations, such as punching and drilling holes, which will in turn save time and increase productivity.

Quieter & Safer

Another benefit of the eradicated use of tools and equipment is the fact that tapes can provide a quieter, as well as safer, working environment.

Seamless Joints

As a thinner and lighter material, adhesive tape is an easier alternative to joining irregular-shaped surfaces and providing a smooth and evenly distributed finish.


Tapes are able to provide efficient protection for vehicles against any contamination or pollution, as well as any stresses such as vibration and damage to electronics.

These are just a handful of reasons why the use of automotive adhesive tapes is slowly increasing and taking over the more traditional methods of joining in speciality vehicle production. Why don’t you try adhesive tape today? At BDK, we have a wide range of products which will fulfil your automotive requirements. Contact us today for more information.