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Helping Patients Remain Mobile Throughout Drug Treatment

MedTech Week Case Study

As part of Medtech Week, we’re showcasing our innovation in the medtech sector by sharing case studies of our bespoke work with healthcare clients:

The challenge

Our customer needed us to design and manufacture an adhesive attachment that could be used as part of a patient’s drug delivery device.

The attachment would need to stay on skin for a minimum of three days, holding the medical device in place whilst the drug is administered to the patient.

The attachment had the complex requirements of needing to be delicate enough to be skin friendly, hypoallergenic and breathable, whilst also being strong enough to hold a heavy drug delivery device on the top of the dressing.

What did we do?

After detailed meetings with our client to fully understand their needs, we designed a bespoke dressing with an advanced medical adhesive that successfully met all the requirements of the product.

Samples were made to allow the dressing to be trialled and we created clearly defined application methods for the patient to apply the dressing to the skin.

Our specially designed manufacturing process created a product with two adhesives, an easy peel tab and a split release liner.

The product was made to the highest quality standards and was subject to extensive quality control testing.  As with all our healthcare products, it was made in the controlled environment of our Class 7 cleanroom, and to ISO 13485 standard.

Our client now supplies this essential medical device to healthcare professionals across the UK, helping patients remain mobile throughout their drug treatment.


Helping Patients Remain Mobile Throughout Drug Treatment