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BDK showcases healthcare innovation as part of Medtech Week

This week, we will be showcasing our innovative work in the medical sector as part of Medtech Week.

For over 50 years, we have been producing engineered adhesive components for a wide range of sectors including the medical and healthcare industry.

Medtech Week, being held from the 19th – 23rd June, aims to showcase life changing technologies across Europe, bringing together partners across the industry who work together to provide the most innovative technologies to help the public and healthcare professionals.

Every day, we create bespoke adhesive components for clients, based on their design needs.  Their products are used in thousands of everyday items across the globe, with many becoming essential parts of vital healthcare equipment.

Throughout the week, we will be showcasing our work by sharing case studies of the products we have created for clients, as well as highlighting the world-leading facilities on site at the Levington base.

Managing Director Nick Falconer said, “MedTech Week is a great opportunity for us to share details of what goes on behind the scenes to create the medical healthcare products so many of us depend on every day.

“As an industry, it is essential that we continually look to improve and innovate to build on the reliability and effectiveness of these items to support the healthcare sector.

“We have a large number of national and international clients, with a great number being part of the healthcare sector, so we have recently expanded our capabilities to provide even greater precision and quality in the products we create.”

Details will be released throughout the week online and on the BDK Facebook page @BDK_UKMedTech Week - MedTech Week Healthcare Innovations